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Organizing JASIS (formerly the “JAIMA Expo/Scientific Instruments Show”)

The “Scientific Instruments Show Japan”, Japan’s largest comprehensive scientific instruments exposition, accumulated fifty years of history since it was first held in 1960. The subsequent “JAIMA Expo/Scientific Instruments Show” in collaboration with the Japan Analytical Instruments Manufacturer’ Association (JAIMA), held from 2010, catapulted the event into becoming one of the largest comprehensive research & development/manufacturing technology support industry events in Asia. With the new integrated name “Japan Analytical & Scientific Instruments Show” (JASIS) introduced in 2012, the event aims to evolve still further to achieve greater globalization.

As well as domestic users, dealers and manufacturers, the event will also be attended by many overseas visitors and is widely known in Europe and the US as well as in the neighboring Asian countries.

For the member companies, JASIS is the industry’s largest event, offering opportunities to expand customer bases, gather information and improve business performance, while providing advantageous exhibiting conditions.

Publication of the “Scientific/Analytical Instruments Compendium”
Operation of the “WEB Scientific Instruments Compendium”

The “Scientific/Analytical Instruments Compendium” contains the latest information on approximately 4,000 items covering a variety of fields from laboratory equipment to biotechnology related instruments, analytical instruments and consumables, etc. This compendium will be distributed free of charge to users attending “JASIS (formerly the “JAIMA Expo/Scientific Instruments Show)” and event venues of scientific instruments related expositions in Osaka and Nagoya. Furthermore, the compendium will be delivered to all major users nationwide through dealer companies.

In addition, we have launched and are currently operating Japan’s largest portal site for scientific instruments, the “WEB Scientific Instruments Compendium”. With approximately 4,000 featured items, many researchers and technical experts already use the site due to the high number of entries and the ease of viewing and use.

  • Technical support for improvement and development of scientific instruments.
  • Collection and distribution of domestic and overseas market information and material.
  • Collection and distribution of domestic and overseas technical and regulatory information.
  • International cooperation with overseas organizations covering scientific instruments.
  • Cooperation on official standardization concerning scientific instruments.
  • Promoting digitization of information.
  • Interchange and cooperation with government related offices, academies and other organizations.
  • Improvement of social recognition of the scientific instrument industry and upgrading of its social status.
  • Social contribution activities such as disaster victim support.
  • Other business activities that may accomplish the purpose of establishment of Japan Scientific Instruments Association.