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During this half century, the number of member firms has increased to over 1,000 from the original 46 firms, and the scale of the organization has gradually expanded with the development of Japanese industries along with their globalization. The Japan Scientific Instruments Association (JSIA) now has 10 (ten) district Scientific Instruments Associations across Japan.

Particularly in recent years, JSIA has been rapidly growing in accordance with the national policy to stand as a science and technology nation. I am proud to say that our activities have greatly contributed not only to the development of science and technology but also to the economic development of Japan. The creation of an industrial society supported by high technology is a national issue. Consequently, the need for new developments in science and technology is increasing and the importance of scientific instruments as support tools for science and technology development will increase accordingly.

Simultaneously, the involvement of scientific instruments has become greater in areas such as global environment issues, health/medical and biotechnology.

On the other hand, as our activities have been greatly diversifying to accommodate the surge of globalization and the rapid progress of telecommunications technology, I would like to enhance the activities of JSIA by combining the extensive knowledge of all its members in order to overcome this harsh age.
I sincerely ask you to extend your continued support and cooperation to members of JSIA and district associations.

Hideto Yazawa