Business Activities

1. Asian Largest Class Analytical and Scientific Instruments Specific Show

JASIS opening

The 1st “All-Japan Scientific Instruments Show” was opened in 1960. Since then we have enjoyed approximately a 60-year history.
Since 2010, (one company)Analytical Instruments Show/ Scientific Instruments Show was cooperatively held with Japan Analytical Instruments Manufacturer’s Association. In 2012, the united name “JASIS” was adopted. We aimed to showcase 500 exhibiting companies and 1500 exhibition booths and we achieved these goals. This was a giant leap for us.
JASIS contributes to the expansion of R&D and scientific industries in Asia.

2. Publishing Scientific and Analytical Instruments Overview

“A globally unprecedented large scientific instruments document collection” is published that comprehends all products handled by scientific instrument industries. About 24,000 copies are published every year. It is distributed free of charge through the JASIS site, obtaining a good reputation from several users.
At present, an English-version website “SORAN” is being planned.
Web Scientific Instruments Overview:

3. Heritage of Analytical and Scientific Instruments

This Association and General Corporate Juridical Person Japan Analytical Instruments Manufacturer’s Association implemented a heritage recognition project for the purpose of handing down for posterity the precious analytical technology/instruments and scientific instruments that have contributed to the life, economy, education, and culture Japan’s national heritage.
Totally 77 items of heritage were recognized in five years from 2012 to 2016.
In 2017, a book titled “Analytical and Scientific Instruments Heritage that Supported the Development of Science and Industry” was published.

4. Seminar, Training, and Study Tour

  • Scientific instrument learning classroom
  • Economy lecture
  • Basic seminar for overseas businesses
  • Management seminar
  • Facility tour and lecture
  • Partnership program collaborating with industry-university-government
    • Lecture and exchange meeting with researchers at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
    • Lecture and exchange meeting with researchers at the Tokyo University of Science
  • International exchange
    • The Agricultural Science Information Center Exchange with the Scientific Instruments Associations of Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, and Korea
    • The Pittsburgh Conference on Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy (PITTCON) Training Tour
    • The Air Cooled Heat Exchanger Manufacturers Association (ACHEMA) Training Tour

5. Bulletin “Scientific Instruments”

Monthly published bulletin of this Association Published for 70 years since 1948.


Website in English
Company Profiles of Scientific/ Analytical
Instruments of Japan

This site is provided for the purpose of introducing companies that deal with scientific/analytical instruments of Japan. Applicable companies can be searched by the following methods.
Search by Product Classification / Category Search / Free Text Search / Refined Search

Some of the companies published in the “Scientific and Analytical Instruments Directory” are listed.
All the companies are waiting for inquiries from around the world, offering a lineup of distinctive products or products with excellent performance, or having excellent sales ability in Japan. If you are interested, click the link of each listed company and check out their website to make your inquiry.