Product classification

General Laboratory Instruments

  • Drying Apparatus/Heat Treatment Apparatus
  • Electric Kiln/Heating Apparatus
  • Thermostatic Air Ovens/Thermostatic Baths
  • Compression/Decompression Apparatus and Pumps
  • Centrifuges/Filtering Apparatus
  • Stirring/Shaking/Mixing Apparatus
  • Crushing/Classification Apparatus
  • Distilling/Refining Apparatus
  • Sterilizing/Disinfectant Apparatus
  • Washing/Cleaning Apparatus
  • Microscopes/Optical Examination Apparatus
  • Other Laboratory Instruments/Apparatus

Laboratory Instruments/Ware and Consumables

  • Volumeters
  • Laboratory Vessels
  • General Bottles & Containers for Storage, etc.
  • Laboratory Implements
  • Laboratory Auxiliary Appliances/Consumables

Laboratory Furniture

  • Laboratory Furniture
  • Specialized Laboratory Furniture

Analytical Instruments for the Laboratory

  • Electrochemical Analysis Apparatus
  • Optical Analysis Apparatus and Spectrophotometers
  • Electromagnetic Analysis Apparatus
  • Separation Analysis Apparatus(Chromatography and others)
  • Decomposition/Extraction/Concentration Apparatus
  • Thermal Analysis/Thermal Measurement Apparatus
  • Specialized Measurement Apparatus
  • Other Laboratory Analysis Apparatus

Automation Equipment/Information Processing Systems

  • Automation Equipment/Information Processing Systems

Environmental Analysis/Measurement Instruments

  • Air Pollution Analysis Apparatus
  • Air Pollution Measurement Instruments/Apparatus
  • Air Pollution Control Equipment
  • Water Pollution Analysis/Measurement Instruments/Apparatus
  • Offensive Odor Analyzer
  • Soil Environment Measurement Instruments/Apparatus
  • Noise/Vibration Measurement Instruments/Apparatus
  • Radiation Measurement Instruments
  • Other Environment Measurement related Instruments/Apparatus

Analytical Instruments for the Working Environment/Safety

  • Indoor Environment Analysis Meters
  • Analytical/Measurement Instruments for the Working Environment/Safety
  • Other Working Environment Measurement Instruments/related Apparatus

Life Sciences Apparatus/Equipment

  • Culture related Instruments/Apparatus
  • Genomics related Apparatus/Equipment
  • Proteomics related Apparatus/Equipment
  • Cell Biology related Apparatus
  • Imaging related Apparatus
  • Separation/Analysis related Apparatus
  • Drug Discovery & Development/HTS related Apparatus
  • Research Preparation Apparatus/Furniture
  • Other Life Sciences related Apparatus

Physical Quantity, Physical Property, and Industrial Quantity Measurement Instruments

  • MKS Unit Measuring(Balances &Scales)/Metering Apparatus
  • Temperature/Humidity Measuring Apparatus
  • Optical Properties/Photometric Measurement Apparatus
  • Electrical Measurement/Data Processing Instruments/Apparatus
  • General Physical Quantity/Physical Property Measurement Apparatus
  • Industrial Quantity Measuring/Testing Apparatus

Testing Instruments

  • Measuring/Testing Apparatus by Industrial Sector
  • Environmental Testing Apparatus

Specialized Apparatus by Field

  • Food related Analysis Instruments/Apparatus
  • Electronics related Instruments/Apparatus
  • Agriculture/Livestock Farming Apparatus/Equipment
  • Pharmaceutical/Medicinal Equipment/Apparatus
  • Meteorological Observation Equipment/Apparatus
  • Oceanological/Limnological Observation Equipment/Apparatus
  • Educational Equipment/Apparatus
  • Health and Safety Equipment/Apparatus
  • Information Science related Equipment/Software

Processes/On-site Analytical Instruments

  • Process/On-site Analysis by Measurement Target
  • Multi-purpose Process/On-site Analysis Meters
  • Other Process/On-site Analysis Apparatus

Medical Examination Instruments/Systems

  • Specimen Examination Apparatus for Examination Rooms
  • Automation Systems for Examination Rooms
  • Biopsy Apparatus
  • Other Medical Analysis Apparatus
  • Other Medical related Apparatus/Equipment/Implements